What is the maximum file size that i can download from mp3hunter

We have no limit in any video length, Our servers can convert any video in seconds

I just get an error message and no file when I click download.

Please send us the error code you see on the error page via our contact form. We'll check it and then we will try to fix the error.

I am not able to save the file on my Apple Device.

It is not possible to save files on iPhones, iPads or iPods without the use of additional applications. If you would like to save files on your Apple device, you can install a browser app like Documents 6. With the browser of such an app you can download files to your device. An alternative solution is to save a file to the cloud and stream it from there.

I am receiving push notifications from mp3hunter and would like to stop them.

If you would like to unsubscribe from our push notifications you simply need to disable push notifications from mp3hunter in your browser settings. To find a manual for your device and browser just google: "How to unsubscribe from push notifications on device browser?". On your search, the word "device" should be replaced with "desktop" if you are using a PC or with "mobile" if you are using a mobile phone. The word "browser" should be replaced with the name of the browser you are using on your device (for example: Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

I would like to upload my music to mp3hunter.

It is not possible to upload any files to mp3hunter. If you want to list your files in our search - upload your music on youtube.com, soundcloud.com or any other supported download source. On the next search your music should be listed in our search.